You have a weak bum

So said my new physio yesterday. I like him. He also slagged off my granny pants which to be fair, are a source of mirth for all who have seen them.

I had an MRI done last year and slowly, I’m finding out what the results are. Initially I was told it was “just” mechanical damage, then I was told I have sacroiliitis. No biggy I thought, just change to new anti-inflammatories and see how we go. Yesterday was the first time anyone has suggested to me that the sacroiliitis could be a symptom of something more serious.

I actually feel pretty positive about the whole thing. The physio was really excellent, I feel like I am comfortable with him – enough so that I burst into tears talking about living with chronic pain – and I trust him. He’s probably the first medical professional who has told me the full schtick including confirming my suspicions that I have hypermobility.

The thing is, I now feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have no core strength at all (which I knew) and apparently I have a “weak bum” but we’re starting with the absolute basics to sort that out which will give me a platform to build on. I’m excited and I feel like there’s hope that maybe living in constant pain won’t be my life story.

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