It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I wrote up a huge blog post during the week, saved it in drafts then re-read it. Essentially it boiled down to: “I am too busy to blog right now. Here is a list of all the things making me busy” which nobody needs to read ;) So! Apologies for my absence.

This time of the year is a bit of a pest for the personalised crafter because I’m working on so many custom orders, but I can’t share them publicly in case I ruin someone’s surprise! Luckily for me I have a few pictures that I can show you.

So! First off, the last two Wednesday evenings I’ve run a contemporary wreath-making class at The Grosvenor Cafe in Ashton Lane. I started a Pinterest board for inspiration but didn’t really get very far with it – however! There were some absolutely stunning wreaths made on the nights.



I’ve been making ceramic Christmas decorations like these Christmas gingerbread men:



and these Christmas stars:


I got to deliver this lovely bauble yesterday too:


This literally shows a tiny smidgeon of the mugs, plates, baubles, terramundi pots etc that we’ve done with lovely families, all for Christmas. With luck, the last firing for 2013 will go on tonight and we will be FINISHED!

Part of the difficulty this year has simply been capacity – we can only fire six plates at a time because the kiln is tiny, so it’s been on every single night this month. We desperately need a new one which will cost in the region of £2000 for the kiln, installation, kiln furniture (shelves etc, not tiny ceramic chairs) and suchlike. We’re in a bind because we are turning away work because we don’t have the kiln space, but if we were able to take on that extra work we could save for a new kiln in no time at all. So! What we’ve done is use Indiegogo to sell our things for next year. If you want to book a birthday party, hen party or simply get a plate or mug done then you can book and pay here. If you’d like to buy a ceramic gift item you can do that too, and if you just want to chip in a donation then that offer is available. My sister and I would be honoured if you’d have a look and maybe share our campaign around.

I will DEFINITELY be back before Christmas with my (given and received) secret santa packages! x

Please do leave a comment, they make me cheerful :)

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