Day 8

Good morning! How are you today?

The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is:
November 8, 2013
Tell us about your profile photo or the picture you use on your “about me” page.

I cheated on this a little bit and added a picture to my About me page, because I didn’t have one before. Bad me!


Anyone with kids will know what a FRICKING OPERATION it is to get a nice family photo with everyone smiling, looking at the camera, not blinking, not fidgeting etc etc. It’s bad enough with one child but I have FOUR. It follows that there are very few photos in existence where we are all looking like catalogue models and this photo is one of the few.

This photo was taken in September this year, at the wedding of one of my best friends from my last time as a smelly student. Polly has been a great friend for around 10 years now and we were so excited to attend her wedding on the Island of Arran. Unfortunately the last ferry off the island was due to leave at 8pm so we decided to camp in the groom Ross’s parents back garden. This photo was taken before the meal, and look at that sky! Isn’t it beautiful and clear? By the next morning there was a storm raging so hard that we ended up being stuck in the ferry terminal all day.

This is almost the same view:


We had got soaked walking round to the ferry terminal so I encouraged the children to take off their wet clothes and get inside their sleeping bags, and we hung their clothes around the waiting room. I absolutely definitely didn’t do the same ;) The kids managed to get some nap time:

3/4 sleeping in the ferry terminal #sleeping #arran #photocollage

but by teatime it was clear we weren’t getting home that day. Ross’s Dad came back to the ferry terminal, took us home and put all seven of us (we were travelling with Robb, another friend) up in their living room.

I think the worst part of the whole adventure was seeing how upset Polly was and knowing that if the weather didn’t change, she was going to miss her honeymoon. Luckily the first ferry of the next day set sail shortly after 7am, packed to the gunnels!

The queue waiting to board the ferry:

So – a wee adventure, and quite a story behind the photo :)

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11 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. What a lovely family photo – and a story to go with it! I remember being stuck for an extra day on a holiday in Ireland because the weather was so bad – I can’t imagine going through that with children too! It is stories like that that make up the fabric of a family though! x

  2. Flippin’ heck – it’s so funny what happens around photos! I would never have been able to come up with that one off the back of such a lovely photo…Now I come to think of it, I don’t think you’d come up with the story that follows the photo I have on my about page. Just writing it up now! x

  3. Such a cute family!… I envy you having such a lovely family photo, I have tried and better tried to get one of mine since the birth of our daughter (nearly 7 months ago now)… Your right it’s just impossible lol… I love taking photos because of the story that goes with them… Priceless :) x

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