Day 7

A week done already! Bish bash bosh, how quick has this week been?!

So, my apologies for not getting round all the blogs in the linky for Day 6. I’ll catch up tonight after placement, I just had too much work to do last night.

The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is:

November 7, 2013
Social media allows you to mask parts of your personality and show others. What percentage of yourself do you think you reveal to people online?

Oooooh! Interesting question!

The thing is, I consider myself to be quite au fait with how social media works and yet I go against all the guidance for it – sharing personal details, using my real name, talking about my locale, giving out my address to strangers (! – for swaps!!)
I used to frequent Yahoo chat back in the day, I’ve blogged using platforms like Blurty and Livejournal as well as being self-hosted for the better part of 7 years, I used many forums including Craftster, Mumsnet, Netmums and local music-based forums. I’ve been on twitter since you could use it to send tweets by text message and for years I was an open book.

I think things changed for me around the time my biological father died. We were not close, but his death (in a house fire) was on the news and it was a difficult time for me. When I posted to Facebook that “my father died today” without clarifying, a number of people thought that I meant my Dad, who has raised me since I was a baby and who adopted me before I can even remember anything else. I’m sure you can imagine the reign of confusion and of hurt feelings which resulted.

Of course I blogged all of this and in part, this was what killed off my blog because that period of my life was a horrendous strain. I was so hurt with what was going on in my life that my blog became representative of everything that was negative and nothing whatsoever that was positive. It was where I ranted, moaned and cursed all the bad that was happening – but none of the good because at the time, I couldn’t see it.

Since then, I’ve become a lot more guarded. It used to be possible to find my most personal, innermost thoughts. You may have noticed that I don’t use the children’s names on here (although to be fair they won’t be difficult to find!) and I try to present a positive persona.

That said – I mean anyone who follows me on twitter will be aware of my chronic oversharing and my grumping about early mornings or whatever has particularly irritated me at that moment. To be entirely positive is false, for me. So to answer the question? I think I give 100% of my personality, but maybe 50% of the personal ;)

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8 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. This post took confidence. When bloggers start out it is all about them – then the numbers or life concerns take over and they are told it should be about everyone and everything else! Keep on choosing what you share on your blog and if caution is sometimes necessary, fine. However, it would be a shame to let our writing space become governed by what others expect to see there. Great post, Vonnie. HMSx

  2. Ooh, this is a good one – I’ve been thinking about this since, err, yesterday anyway after a discussion with my husband about what I share…so I will write my response, as it were, tonight after bedtime! Thanks Vonnie, more good ideas xxx (p.s. I can’t believe how many children you’ve had given the story you wrote on my blog yesterday – super woman alert!!) xxx

    yours 100%, even if you don’t want it, Hannah ;) xx

  3. I must say I am very wary about sharing personal details online, especially about my child. I am happy sharing real experiences and stories on my blog, but I avoid posting the LO’s photos. Maybe it is just me. As you said, Vonnie, it probably isn’t that difficult to find out more about any of us in today’s electronic world. I just feel like I don’t want to hand it all over on a plate to whoever’s lurking out there.

  4. This was a really brave post Vonnie – I have linked up today and written about my first experience of trolling. I don’t share too many personal things on my blog, but it’s easy to blur the line between ‘blog life’ and ‘real life’ and sometimes this can put an incredible strain on you as the blogger, I think. Thanks for sharing this post – I am really enjoying being part of your link ups! x

  5. Firstly, I am planning popping round everyone’s posts for the last few days tonight. I haven’t meant to be so ignorant, just been really tired and now Cameron is ill. So apologies to all.

    secondly. What a very brave post Vonnie. I think I may have read your previous blog before.

    Laura x x x

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