Day 6

Morning! How are you all today?

Last night was awesome, SheBoom were booked to play a small anti-austerity demonstration in Glasgow’s George Square last night and I managed to make it. G has seen me play before (last week at Glasgow Women’s Aid 40th Birthday Party) but the rest of the family hadn’t, so I was glad they could make it too. I’m on the right, in the black coat with the green light-up drumsticks.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the fireworks display and every year I say: I am never going back to Glasgow Green. It was 9pm before we got home last night despite living a 10 minute drive away and we had left as soon as the fireworks were finished. We were back in the car before 8pm but a car accident around the corner stopped cars from leaving the street we’d parked in. The three little ones were asleep by the time we got home and I wasn’t far behind them. So – suggestions for a better display next year?

I also wanted to join up this week with Transatlantic Blonde’s “What I wore Wednesday” – this week I’ve gone back to school – on placement this time! I’m expected to look professional and smart, so this M&S dress was a lifesaver. It covers up most of my tattoos, it’s comfortable but it looks the part. I bought it for my graduation last week and I love it. Teamed up with my absolute best footwear purchase of all time – my Dr Marten biker boots, which are the comfiest most versatile boots I have ever ever worn.


Boots – Dr Marten biker boots (Schuh)
Leggings – New Look
Dress – Skater dress (Marks & Spencer)

The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is:

November 6, 2013
Tell us about a time everything fell into place perfectly.

Last night! My car is in for it’s MOT so Bob picked me up from placement, we got home & changed, sorted the pets out with extra food & a radio on in every room before we went to pick up the kids from my sister’s house, got them changed and into the car then headed into Glasgow, arrived just in time to pick up my drum and get into position to play, left my drum with the band then went to Glasgow Green, met up with my sister & our friend Melisa and their families, watched the fireworks then headed home. It was like a well-oiled machine which is very, very unusual for us. Or maybe for any family our size? Ha! We’re usually running late ;)

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10 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Firstly, I’ve just realised there’s a list of prompts! Haha! I thought I’d just read your post everyday to find out what is was…There is no hope for me.

    I can’t watch the drumming as I’m in a cafe so I will comment on the outfit – very cute! I especially love the side plait :) I don’t think I can ever remember a time when everything fell into place – I’m always in too much of a flap! But glad your evening went so well, it sounds great and at least the kids were asleep in the back and not yelling, which is what happened to me when I was last stuck in traffic trying to leave an event, on my own with Reubles! xx

  2. cute outfit! you cant go wrong with Dr Marten’s! I sort of miss mine! I didn’t follow the prompt today but I’ve linked up – looking forward to reading more excellent posts!

  3. Absolutely love the drumming (and drumsticks) I would love to do that. I like the outfit, I was talking about Dr Martens, i’ve never had any and was wondering wether to get some, they look great with tights & dresses.

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