The OliveDragonfly craft club and me.

A wee while ago I bought a voucher to learn screenprinting, and whilst waiting for my day the company posted a review by a fellow Glasgow-based blogger. I popped over for a nosy and found a craft goddess who I wanted to be, and thus I was drawn into the world of Bex from Olivedragonfly.

Bex had been organising craft get-togethers and I was supposed to attend the first one and couldn’t make it, so when the second one was arranged I was determined to go along! The craft this time was bath bombs and this is something I know a little about. My friend Lovely Lucy taught me how to make bath bombs and soap a few years ago, so I offered to bring some of my supplies along.

Thing is – and I’m not sure how many people are aware of this – I am a hideously nervous person when I meet new people, and as I pulled up outside Bex’s house I was suddenly overcome with panic. I had nothing to worry about though, since Bex, her Mum, Ashleigh and Lauren were lovely.

We got started on the bath bomb making and everyone made loads of nice things. I’m a fairly slap-dash kind of crafter, I don’t measure and I don’t weigh – I just go with it and if it doesn’t look right I add other stuff to it until it does look right, and this kind of communal craft activity lends itself well to that.

In the moulds –


My finished bombs –


I used my round bomb in a bath about a week or so later – when it should have been plenty dry – and I was a bit underwhelmed by the fizzing. Something to do a little more research into, I think I’ve just been spoiled by a certain high street bath superstore!

Please check out Bex’s recap here and Ashleigh’s recap here.

So for anyone wanting to make bath bombs of your own, it’s pretty simple. I get everything I need from the amazing folks at The Soap Kitchen.

You’ll need:
Citric acid
Bicarbonate of soda
Witch hazel (in a spray bottle)
Colour & scent (make sure these are both cosmetic grade!)
Droppers for the above (pipettes or syringes)

A glass or plastic mixing bowl & spoon (not metal!)

You will need two parts bicarb to one part citric acid. I use spherical moulds and find that if I use half the mould to measure out the two parts bicarb & one part citric, that’s about the right quantity for one bath bomb.

  1. Feel free to sieve the bicarb & citric if you want (I never bother), mix them in a bowl until they’re consistently mixed. Add your colour now, a drop or two at a time and keep mixing to prevent the powder & liquid reacting.
  2. Once you’re happy with the colour, add the scent in the same way. Make sure you mix quickly, and keep sniffing the mixture until you’re happy – remember this bath bomb has to scent around 80 litres of water so don’t worry too much about overdoing it.
  3. Get your witch hazel and spray the mixture, mixing it and picking it up to see if it’s clumping or sticking together. If you can get your mixture to stick together like damp sand, it’s time to pack it into your moulds.
  4. Work quickly to prevent the mixture setting in your mixing bowl! If you’re working with a two-part mould like the ones I use, remove half of the mould once you have your mixture sticking together. It is much easier to do it now than later.
  5. Leave the bombs to dry overnight before unmoulding them, et voila! You are a genius bath product maker.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you’d like me to explain it better with pictures.

Many thanks again to Bex, I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too.

Olive Dragonfly Craft Club

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