Have fun, make stuff

Every Saturday & Sunday afternoon you will find either myself or my sister in The Grosvenor Cafe on Ashton Lane faciliting arts & crafts fun for any children who are in the restaurant (if you live in Glasgow, give our work page a like here for more info) and last Sunday I took my 6 year old daughter E with me.


E with her face painted by my colleague Lauren, and some of the things that were made at my workshop


After work, I bought E a cupcake from the Sunday Street Market on Ashton Lane because she didn’t complain even a little bit about getting caught in the rain. We decided to pop into Ikea for a hot dog (E’s favourite treat) and I accidentally spent my wages on decorative items that we didn’t really need. Oops?

I bought a huge mirror for the dining room (which is still lying in my hall) and this fantastic clock. It’s the Mortorp sticker which we teamed with the Pugg clock – I absolutely love it!


It wasn’t too difficult to apply but it’s not on as perfectly as I’d like, which was a source of great hilarity for F who has noted my perfectionist tendencies and mercilessly mocks me now. Cheers son! At just £20 for the sticker and clock it was a cheap and cheerful way to bring a bit of interest to my living room. We’re trying to decide whether to move house & if so, where to move to so I didn’t want to do anything permanent or to spend too much money. Otherwise I would have been going for the gorgeous Railway clock sticker from Brume!


I’d had my eye on this for a few months, and it is definitely on my wish list! To be fair though, having flicked through the Brume website I have a shopping list the length of my arm now.

What do you think? And – what are you coveting right now?

Please do leave a comment, they make me cheerful :)

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