Everybody needs good neighbours

So on Tuesday I was in uni from 9-4, picked F up from rugby on my way home, got in and had a cup of tea before doing my Pied Piper act and heading to Beavers with two of my own kids, two kids from across the road and one from round the corner. I am always exhausted when I get home from uni on a Tuesday and yet, an hour with the Beaver Scouts and I’m suddenly the most energetic person in the world. Bizarre.

After Beavers, the Mum of the kids across the road came over and we were blethering away when the neighbour who lives between us both arrived home. Neither of us had really interacted much with Mrs Gupta but we three stood chatting away about life, the kids and so on. Mrs Gupta invited me to come in next day for a cuppa. I accepted.

On Wednesday I had a lovely day! A great friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a VERY long time invited me over to meet his wife & new baby daughter, so after I’d done the school run I popped over and had a fantastic visit. I took baby V’s footprints (more on that later in the week) and admired the beautiful circus-themed bedroom that her very clever Mummy & Daddy had designed. She is a lucky girl!
I did the school run after that – it was really rainy but I took this photo:
Rainbows over the school, makes the wet school run a bit easier to cope with. Sky is somewhat ominous, though! #Glasgow #scotland #rainbow #dreich #igdaily #nofilter #iguk #haggismunchers

then got ready to visit Mr & Mrs Gupta next door. I went over, cake in hand and Mrs Gupta asked where the children were! I went and retrieved them, panicking somewhat about the damage that my four rampaging children could do to their house and went back only to discover that they had prepared an amazing feast for us!


There was pakora, samosa, paneer, cakes & sweets. The children were really well behaved and I was so proud of how polite and respectful they were. Mrs Gupta showed us some photos from her daughter’s wedding – it was just so pleasant to get to know our neighbours so much better.

It got me thinking about neighbours. When we lived in East Kilbride we had some absolutely fabulous neighbours and one family who seemed to spend their lives concocting ways to upset the rest of us, their kids fought with every other kid on the street and it was really tiring to live with. When we moved to Glasgow, the kids know every kid within a five or six street diameter and although I know the Mums to nod and say hello to there’s not that kind of “pop over for a cup of tea” friendship that I had in East Kilbride. That said, it takes two to tango and I think I have a responsibility to try and change that.

What about you – do you get on with your neighbours?

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