NaBloPoMo 2013

Can you believe it is almost November? Where has this year gone?

I started this blog because my old one had festered and become somewhere that I resented and avoided. If that is how I felt about my own blog it’s unlikely anyone else would enjoy it, right? Now that I’ve started blogging again though there’s no history here to tell new readers who I am. It just so happens we’re 10 days away from November and thus an opportunity presents itself:


National Blog Post Month. A challenge to post every day throughout the month of November. BlogHer has a whole segment of their site devoted to it.
To help, I’ve put together a prompt list with an idea for each day of November. Please feel free to use these prompts if you want but don’t feel that to join in, you have to use them. Your blog is your space and I’m sure you’ll want to blog about your own topic in that time.

But, why..?
Why not?

We’ve all been there with writer’s block or getting stuck in a rut blogging about the same old same old, right? This is a month of being outwith our comfort zones perhaps, but a month of camaraderie and sharing with the other participants. For me, it’s going to be about getting back into the habit of writing regularly but hopefully about making new blog friends too.

OK I’m in
Hooray! Leave a comment with your twitter username (you should already be prompted for your name & website) and I’ll add you into the spreadsheet of participants. Please do pop by and read other blogs, especially ones you haven’t read before. Remember how happy you feel when you get loads of nice comments!

41 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 2013

  1. If November wasn’t completely jammed for me, I’d be all in, but I’d be reduced to posting cat pictures, and we all have Reddit for that. Good luck, and I’ll be following your daily posts!

  2. This sounds ace – I’m totally suffering from a lack of accountability (and no more than a handful of blog friends!) so with you all here to keep me in check, I will finally get all those posts I have in mind written! Thanks Vonnie :) I’m @mumsdays xx

  3. I would love to give it a go. I am very new to the blogosphere, though. Perhaps this will be a good way to start meeting more fellow bloggers.
    My twitter handle is @vaichin.

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  6. Hi – I’m a really new newbie, and only started my blog this week but this seems like a great idea to meet other bloggers and have inpiration to keep writing. I’m still finding my feet, getting muddled with all the techie stuff but already I’m loving it. can I join too? @mumforallseason xx

  7. Okay sure, I’m game. I’m @MeeshieN . This should totally be more doable than Nano (which I’m skipping this year as the 6 month old is opposed to letting me type. lol)

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